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If you are constructing, letting or selling a commercial building in Surrey, be sure to obtain a commercial or business Energy Performance Certificate (epc), which is now required by law for all landlords and property owners in the European Union. A commercial epc surrey can be obtained from local home inspection firms, often within 48 hours.

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Surrey home inspection firms offer a complete range of professional services to assist you, including commercial ep certification surrey home condition reports, property surveys, and commercial energy certificates. Such firms pride themselves on offering fast, reliable service and having expert local knowledge. They hire accredited energy assessors to perform the energy assessments and issue the required documentation. EPC assessments make up an increasingly large portion of home inspection work these days.

An epc provides a full energy assessment of a non-dwelling building as well as identifying recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the building and which of the improvement measures would be eligible for finance under the Green Deal scheme. The certificate is valid for 10 years and need not be reissued during that time for new tenants. At this time there is no deadline for implementing the recommendations.

EU Directive to Reduce Energy Consumption By Buildings

A commercial engergy performance certificates is issued in accordance with the European Union Directive on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD). The EU Directive of 2002 was inspired by the Kyoto Protocol in an effort to address Climate Change. As buildings account for 40 per cent of energy consumption, they have been targeted specifically to reduce overall energy consumption in EU nations. In addition to the epc programme, the Directive also requires member nations to comply with programmes to inspect air conditioning systems and boilers. Additional legislation went into effect in January 2013 that impacts various aspects of the epc programme, including advertising and exclusions.


When advertising a commercial building for sale or let, the estate agent must ensure that the Surrey documentation is underway. In fact, the epc rating of the building should be included in all adverts. In buildings over 500m2 that are frequently visited by the public, the epc must be displayed in a prominent location.


The commercial E.P.C surrey programme has been phased in over the past decade and now covers almost all commercial buildings. Exclusions include places of worship, temporary buildings, buildings with a useful floor space of 50m2 or less, and buildings protected officially for special architectural or historic features that would be altered unacceptably by implementing energy efficiency measures.


Prospective purchasers and tenants must be able to view the commercial engergy performance cerfiticate on demand free of charge and there are penalties in place for not making it available. Calculated based on a formula, the penalty amount is 12.5 of the rateable value of the building (500 minimum to 5,000 maximum) with a default penalty of 750 if the formula cannot be applied. In addition to paying these penalties, the landlord or property owner will also be required to provide a ep commercial certificate.

Further Details from Surrey Home Inspection Firms

Further details on all home inspection assessments and reports, including the commercial epc surrey programme and up-to-date information on exclusions and advertising requirements can be obtained through professional home inspection firms in Surrey. Ring a home inspection professional today.